The story

In a fairytale world where Queens rule and magic is power, a young princess is sent on the biggest quest of her life - to rescue a prince in need! But when she does, the prince is not so willing after all...

This epic gender-flipped adventure fantasy manga is created by the Swedish artist Natalia Batista. It was published in Sweden by Kolik Förlag 2013-2017 and by Nosebleed Studio from 2017. It was serialized in the Italian online manga magazine Doraetos Manga in 2014-2017. In 2017, it got signed to TOKYOPOP in the US, Kasaobake in Italy, Zanir in the Czech Republic and PYRAMOND in Germany.

Art and story by Natalia Batista
Asstistant work - such as tracing sketches, some backgrounds in chapter 1, laying flats and filling black areas - done by Catarina Batista, Emil Johansson, Joakim Waller, Yossra El Said and Elise Rosberg.

The characters

Princess Amaltea

Princess Amaltea is the daughter of Queen Galatea of the Green Highlands. She's a spoiled brat with too much self esteem, but also big shoes to fill and an obvious inferiority complex towards her older sister Dorotea.

Prince Ossian

Prince Ossian is the son of Queen Ylvasin of the Grey Mountains. In this "women's world", Ossian is not content with his lot in life; to be rescued by a princess and marry her. He doesn't want to be someones possession!

Princess Dorotea

Princess Dorotea is Amaltea's sister and daughter to Queen Galatea, and heir to the throne. She's strong willed and bossy, but also focused to help her sister in her quest. But her true intentions are maybe not what Amaltea think they are...

Queen Galatea

Queen Galatea is the mother of Amaltea and Dorotea. Her Queendom in the north is rich and famous. Her most precious possessions are her two fierce daughters and Galatea has a plan for both of them.

Queen Ylvasin

Queen Ylvasin is the mother of Ossian and rule the Grey Mountains.

Kin Theodor

King Theodor is the father of Amaltea and Dorotea, a caring and sweet man.


Lokis is the leader of a small gang of bandits that roam the paths between cities and rob travellers of their money and goods.

Sanada and Are

Sanada and Are are the two members of Lokis' gang. They have lots of muscle but less brain.


Palifax is Amaltea's involuntary (but loyal) companion on her quest.


Tibus is a bar servant, but with high ambitions.